Geographic Analyst II
@ HERE Maps
Metz, France
2015/05 - current

Promoted in 2015, I'm deepening my involvement in the maintenance & expansion of the HERE navigation map, while sharpening skills in the field of Innovation (development & sharing of Best Practices, Innovation Ideas) and Community-building around the HERE Map Creator tool which allows end-users to contribute to our mapping effort.

Geographic Analyst I
@ HERE, a Nokia Company
Metz, France
2012 - 2013

I'm a GIS Analyst in charge of maintaining our HERE Map up-to-date with everyday changes in the road network, and expand it with new attributes. HERE is the leading location cloud, providing the map for 90% in-dash GPS devices, major websites (Facebook, Yahoo, Microsoft Bing, ...) and smartphone apps (Android, iOS, Windows Phone). Since the world changes on a daily basis, we strive to keep our leading Real-World Index up-to-date. Within this strategy, I'm involved with: • Sourcing: building strong bonds with national & municipal administrations to keep up with roadworks • Community-building: raising, training and managing communities of passionate amateur cartographers who wish to contribute to the best-in-class navigation map. • Geospatial analysis & GIS coding in the HERE mapping database • Quality: Quality-in-the-Line, QC & QQ, Agile & Lean management • Training: We're most trained team of cartographers in the world, and that involves daily on-the-job Learning as well as formal skill assessment every year.

Research Engineer
Prague, Czech Republic
2013/01 - 2013/10

• Field-monitoring & ecological assessment of the Krkonoše National Park (Czech Republic) in order to evaluate the ecosystemal invasion of the Norway Spruce (Picea albies) • Processed aerial imagery data through supervised & non-supervised classification (Exelis ENVI 5.0 + IDL) after preprocessing (PCI Geomatica 2012, GoldenSoftware Surfer 9). • Established management scenarios which the Managing Authority of the National Park used to adjust its ecological management style.

Supervisor of scientific redaction
@ EUCOR Network
Freiburg, Germany
2012/09 - 2012/12

• Directed the redaction process of the Conference Proceedings of the 5th Environmental Sciences Summer School of the EUCOR research network • Overviewed the work of the different contributors and aggregated their productions • Wrote several chapters of the aforementioned Proceedings

Seminar organizer & Lecturer
@SONATE Research group
Strasbourg, France
2012/10 - 2012/10

• Organized the annual seminar of the SONATE research group (Societies, Nature, Environments) of the University of Strasbourg (France) on the subject of "Resiliences - Resistances - Adaptations". • Held a conference entitled "Agricultural resilience of the Post-Little Ice Age societies in the Vosges mountain range : between the medieval demographic crisis & the anthropoclimatic crisis of the Little Ice Age"

Associate Researcher
Toulouse, France
2012/04 - 2012/07

1st-year Master research thesis: “Quantifying the evolution of the Réart river delta (Pyrénées-Orientales, Southwestern France) since the end of the XVIIth century – Respective roles of the anthropic impacts & climatic evolution”

Asst. Project Manager
@ Center for Territorial Dvpt
Litija, Slovenia
2010/08 - 2010/09

• Created and filled a database of all the rural and natural sites worthy of the newly-created label "Heart of Slovenia - Srce Slovenije" promoting sustainable rural tourism

Trainee Personal Assistant
@ Council of Europe
Strasbourg, France
2008/07 - 2008/09

• Animated the Environmental Workshop at the Council of Europe Open Doors Day • Raised funds and created the following website : • Produced a series of trilingual booklets (FR, EN, DE) presenting the event and the European Institutions


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Agile Development Specialization
@ Darden's School of Business,
University of Virginia (USA, distance learning)

6 months distant learning at Darden's School of Business, 5 hours/week, on Agile Development and Product Management.

Mgr. Geography & Geoecology (Erasmus)
@ Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic

1-year Academic exchange & corporate internship in Czech Republic

2011 - 2013

Masters Degree at the Faculty of Geography and Urban Planning of the University of Strasbourg, co-validated by the Strasbourg Engineering School for Water & Environmental Sciences (ENGEES).

5th Summer School in Environmental Sciences
@ Université de Haute-Alsace, France

Interdisciplinary & trinational research group : "Risk management related to extreme natural events, the case of floods". Redaction supervisor of the Conference Proceedings to the Summer School, published in January 2013

2008 - 2011
B.Sc. Earth & Environmental Science
@ EOST Engineering School, Strasbourg, France

Interdisciplinary Group Project: 1-year long voluntary activity which aimed at producting a cross-disciplinary and cross-cultural project on a concrete public safety issue. We set up a transnational team of German, Swiss, Mexican, Chinese & French students in fields reaching from Biomolecular Engineering, Bio-remediation, Corporate Law, Hydrology to Enviromental Sciences. Together we realized a torough diagnostic of an urban planning (eco-neighborhood) project in Ostwald, Strasbourg, France.

Summer School
in Management
of Environmental Resources
@ University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

Research group "Adapting the management of environmental resources to climate change-induced perturbation"

4th Summer School in Environmental Sciences
@ Universität Freiburg, Germany


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Contributor to HERE Map Creator
crowdmapping initiative

Florian demonstrates great communication, people management and training skills -as proven when he managed me among others in a community of geographers, students and tech-lovers. These individuals are gathered around the crowd-mapping platform 'HERE Map Creator'. This tool helps people bring their local intelligence in order to enhance, refresh and correct GPS maps. In our group of 12, we all appreciate Florian's ability to train us in the skills of digital mapping, to animate & galvanize our team and to keep people engaged with a constant attention to keeping everyone integrated, on track and happy. Finally, his motivation radiates and makes everyone feel energetic just talking to him. Definitely an asset to have on board!

August 3, 2015, Elsa reported to Florian at HERE

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Antoine HUREAU
Program Manager, LIFE+, Astral GEIE

J'ai eu l'occasion et le plaisir de travailler en collaboration avec M. Raber dans le cadre d'un projet interdisciplinaire et international : Sur une base volontaire, M. Raber et moi-même ainsi que 3 autres étudiants Suisse, Mexicaine et Chinois avons établi un diagnostic scientifique, urbanistique et juridique du projet d'éco-quartier "Les Rives du Bohrie" pour le compte de la Communauté Urbaine de Strasbourg. Ce rapport a ensuite servi de base à la CUS pour réviser ses rapports à la population et au maître d'oeuvre, et fut salué par les élus.

June 10, 2013, Antoine was with another company when working with Florian at Groupement SONATE - Université de Strasbourg

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Mathilda Scott
Public Relations,
Council of Europe

Florian is a committed, wilful, hard-working collaborator. He is swift to adapt and proved a very helpful addition to our team at the PR to the Council of Europe. Overall Florian is a man who takes his assignments seriously and is willing to work hard to achieve what is asked. His general knowledge proved useful as well. And when he doesn't fully master some tasks, he acts quickly to learn everything possible on the topic, and then does it better than anybody... It's quite a wonder. A great employee then!

June 9, 2013, Mathilda managed Florian indirectly at Permanent Representation of the UK to the Council of Europe

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Ph.D. Student in Ethnology, University of Strasbourg

Florian est une personne extrêmement investie et dynamique. Il est fiable sous tous les rapports car il est de nature appliquée et motivée. C'est un collaborateur de grande qualité.

June 25, 2013, Gilles studied with Florian at University of Strasbourg, Faculty of Geography & Urban Planning

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Céline LOIE
Public Relations,
Association LESA

J'ai eu l'occasion de rencontrer Florian lors de l'EUCOR, université d'été franco-allemande en sciences de l'environnement. Florian est une personne très ouverte d'esprit et intéressée avec qui il est agréable de travailler, échanger ou simplement discuter !

June 10, 2013, Céline studied with Florian at EUCOR - Network of the Upper Rhine Universities